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Heshima Kenya is the first and only organization of its kind in Kenya serving the most vulnerable of the world’s refugees- unaccompanied and separated refugee women and girls. Heshima Kenya’s Fashion Challenge celebrates refugee girls and young women, highlighting their work in the Maisha Collective, Heshima Kenya’s social enterprise in which they produce the unique, hand-dyed scarves that will be featured in event fashion show.

Designers will receive two Maisha Collective scarves chosen at random, and will have just two weeks to design one original women’s look and one accessory. Looks will be judged based on originality, wearability, demonstration of designer personality, and construction quality.

Let the best design win!

Get a sneak peak of the fun by watching our highlights from the 2014 Fashion Challenge:

2015 Fashion Challenge Thank you to our distinguished Host Committee

Shanita Akintonde

Danni Allen

Patricia Amira*

Kristen N. Barnette

Trayce Biancalana

Nora Brathol

Ann Bynan

Dolores Connolly

Sue Crothers

Ehsan Eftekhari

Kristin Field

Liz Futrell

Melissa Gamble

Chris and Scott Gordon*

Heather Grove

Katie Hnida

Tiffany Knaul

Sarah Cole Kammerer

Sheila King

Tiffany Knaul

Emily Knies

Shermin Kruse*

Trevian Kutti

Ann Laatsch*

Kathy LeMay

Daphne Ortiz*

Payal Patel**

Rosalind Raddatz**

Jill Rasmussen*

Anne Ream

Alisa Roadcup

Galya B Ruffer

Pam Simon

Erica Strama

Anne Sweeney

Alyssa Wright

*Member, Heshima Kenya Board of Directors, US

** Member, Heshima Kenya Board of Directors, Kenya

2015 Fashion Challenge Planning Committee

Suzanne Kopulos, Fashion Director

Nora Brathol, Angela Corsa, Natalie Deuschle, Stephanie Juckem, Grayson Keliehor, Shermin Kruse, Olivia Luk, Jill Rasmussen, Alisa Roadcup, Megan Sidhu

Please join us in welcoming Ms. Osop Abdi, Manager of Heshima Kenya’s, Girl Empowerment Project and Heshima Kenya Alumni, Sahro Moalim.

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Thu Nov 12, 2015
6:00 PM - 9:00 PM CST
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VIP Runway SOLD OUT $150.00
Runway Seat SOLD OUT $125.00
Standing Room SOLD OUT $100.00
Venue Address
1520 W Fulton St., Chicago, IL 60609 United States
Megan Sidhu